“I, Bruce Lee, will be the first highest paid Oriental super star”

The inevitability of success broken down by one of our idols: Understanding reward comes from contribution, possessing an intense purpose, and having absolute confidence is a recipe for success! A set of inspiring and evocative experts from letters written by Bruce Lee, that show just how powerful his thoughts and beliefs were.

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  • Reward comes from contribution. Becoming a millionaire is the side effect of helping a million people. Your salary or influence is not an end in itself, but an (imperfect) measure of your contribution to the world.
  • Intense Purpose. Bruce calls it “spiritual force,” but I prefer the word “purpose.” A lot of people spend their whole lives chasing the “what” and then worry about the “why” later. Instead, study the “why” first (Bruce majored in philosophy) and everything else becomes easy.
  • Absolute confidence. Bruce had absolute confidence in himself, free from all fear or doubt. This was not innate, but developed through years of mental and physical training.