Ascend Seattle Chapter Leadership potential of Pan-Asians

“I, Bruce Lee, will be the first highest paid Oriental super star”

The inevitability of success broken down by one of our idols: Understanding reward comes from contribution, possessing an intense purpose, and having absolute confidence is a recipe for success! A set of inspiring and evocative experts from letters written by Bruce Lee, that show just…

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Leadership Thought – Amplification

We recently came across an interesting article from the New Yorker covering a tactic used by none other than the female staffers in Obama’s Administration. The reality of the work place is that a woman’s voice is often marginalized to the point of having no…

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Executive Update: Nov 2016

Take the Shot and Follow Your Dreams. That was the theme of our Ascend Gala on September 10. Thank you all for coming and celebrating our members, sponsors and Ascend’s mission of empowering Pan Asians to be tomorrow’s leaders. In case you missed the Q…

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