About Ascend Seattle Chapter

Ascend Seattle Chapter Gala 2012

Ascend Seattle Chapter Gala 2012

Ascend is the premier non-profit professional association that enables its members, corporate partners and the community to realize the leadership potential of Pan-Asians in global corporations.

Vision and Strategy:

1. Mentor across multiple generations.

2. Incubate the next generation of leaders.

3. Recruit experienced leaders to both learn and serve as mentors.

4. Create a safe forum to share, discuss and resolve career barriers and workplace challenges unique to our culture.

Branding Statement:

"It Takes Moxie" Book Launch

“It Takes Moxie” Book Launch

1. Ascend will focus on inspiring people to achieve their aspirations to be a leader–both professionally and personally–without compromising with their culture. Seattle Ascend is dedicated to help grow and develop future leaders without sacrificing their culture.

2. Ascend will provide a collective voice for the community, a community of understanding and a community to hold on to our values and culture while excelling in our professional fields.

3. Ascend will call upon those who have succeeded in reaching their goals to consider giving back to the society and especially to Ascend Membership. Successful leaders can help by reflecting on how they reached where they are and thus impart their wisdom, knowledge, challenges and experience in kind through mentoring of others; and to reach back and help our fellow Asians to succeed in achieving their goals.

Learn More:

Find out more about Ascend at Ascend National.